Xmail Cloud Email


Wish you could use Outlook from Multiple Locations?

Access your email from Multiple Locations

Why Xmail?

Xmail uses Microsoft Exchange saving you the expense of buying your own server and the costs to configure and manage it. It's a corporate style email account made affordable for small businesses and private individuals.

So what can I do with Xmail?

Work flexibly from anywhere...

iPhone and HTC

 What are the Benefits?

  • Synchronise all your Email, Email Folders, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks on many computers/laptops
  • Access your Mail, Calendar, Folders, Contacts and Tasks on an iPhone, iPad or Windows Mobile phone
  • Fully access all of your email folders, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks etc. from anywhere in the world with any computer using Outlook Web App (OWA)
  • Allow someone else varying levels of access to your Outlook account
  • Share Calendars - make appointments and check for availability
  • Share Address Books
  • Server side Virus and Spam protection
  • Flexible mailbox space (up to an enourmous 25GB of storage)
  • Switch on your own Out Of Office auto-responder when you wish
  • Hosted on ultra-reliable cloud (no need to buy your own server)

What does Xmail include?

  • Registration / Renewal of Domain name
  • Flexible mailbox space (up to an enormous 25GB of storage)
  • Full Microsoft Licensed copy of Outlook for PC or Mac
  • Remote Help to set it up for you

Why Xmail is better than POP email (in 75 seconds)